Interesting & Unknown Facts About MTG

September 21st, 2015 by

As a MTG nerd you might know all the features of all the editions. You would have mastered the art of destroying you. You might even know some secret tricks and techniques that enable you win in a battle. But there are certain information about the game’s origin and creation that you might be unaware of. Below are a handful of them.

The Changed the Name!
‘Magic’ is not the first name that the game was given. Though Richard Garfield preferred the name ‘Magic’, a lawyer suggested that the term is too broad and this can have copyright issues in the future. And thus, they settled for ‘Mana Clash’. But since the users kept calling it ‘Magic’ the lawyer insisted that they add something to make it more unique to establish stronger ownership. This is how the term ‘Gathering’ was included to the game.

What is a Deckmaster?
If you look through various magic the gathering cards for sale, you will notice a tiny box that says ‘Deckmaster’ on the backside of the card. The creators initially hoped to create a lot more trading card games apart from MTG. Deckmaster was the brand name that they created for all their trading car games. But since it did not catch on, they had to cancel the entire plan, but decided to keep the branding anyway, for cheap magic the gathering cards, check this out

The Logo Color was Blue
Initially, the color of the logo on the back of the card was blue. But the branding team decided that the color was not appealing and thus had to be dropped. Thus, the logo was changed into a color of yellow, which was definitely brighter than blue. If you can find the oldest magic the gathering cards for sale, they will have a blue logo unlike the newer version. But buying a first edition might be impossible, since they can cost you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, see this magic the gathering card sleeves.

What Does the Design Mean?
You would have noticed the oval shape with the rivets in the four corners every time you play MTG. Did you ever wonder why the five main colors are circled in the center? It is because, the card was created look similar to a magic tome and your deck is supposed to resemble a library of magic spells. The overall idea was make it something similar to a magical book with spells and creatures.

If you want learn more, do not worry, since there are more unknown facts and information about the origins of MTG cards on the internet.